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Your Privacy Rights

Read this carefully.

Login and Social Media Accounts

When you sign in to the game, you use your Google Account or other social media account. From this provider, we could obtain your personal name, e-mail address, date of birth and possibly other information that you may have made publicly available through Google or that provider; for example, information that you have shared publicly on Google+ using that account.

You can change these permissions through your Google Account Settings, or the appropriate settings for your social media service. We do not control them.

However, we will not publish this information unless we are required to, or you ask us to. Other players cannot see “who you are in real life” unless you allow them to. Your actions in the game will be based upon your game character(s) only.

Our staff, as well as Google's staff, and (if necessary) other organizations who help us to provide the game (such as: if we hire an outside company to do work for us) may see your real-world information from your Google Account. For example, in order to prevent Spam or scams, we will use your real name if we send you an e-mail message, since other players (probably) will not know that. See also, E-Mail Policy.

We may also turn that information over to lawyers or law enforcement. When we are allowed to do so, we will tell you about it. For example, if a lawyer asks for your personal information and has the legal right to find it out, we will tell you who that lawyer is, and why we turned it over. In some (hopefully rare) circumstances, we may be forbidden from telling you about a search warrant or other legal action that is on-going. We have never been ordered to do this. We have not been ordered to do this in 2017.

We may offer to allow you to link other accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, or so forth. These accounts will follow the same rules as for your Google Account.

Aggregated Information

We may reveal to our staff, or companies contracting with us to provide services, aggregated information about our players. For example, we might reveal that 75% of our players were female on Wednesday. We may make broader use of aggregated information than personally-identifiable information.

See User Analytics for more details.


We consider anyone under the age of 13 a “child” for purposes of this section.

We will not present advertisements directly to children. We will not allow children to sign up without an adult's supervision. Review our Parents' and Guardians' Guide for details about how we interact with children and their guardians.

Other Information We Track

Game and Server Interaction

We may record any interactions that you have with any system we have created. Our servers may record what documents you read, what actions you take in the game, and so forth. We may use this information to improve the game, or troubleshoot problems you might have, or other actions. We will not share your personally-identifiable information linked to this information, though.

Your Computer's Information

In order to present the game to you, we may discover the kind of computer you are using, such as the operating system (Fedora, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Windows, etc.), web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.), plug-ins, and so forth. We may learn about the size of screen(s) you use for game play, who your Internet connection comes through (Internet Service Provider), and where in the real world you are located.

Most of this information we do not consider, in itself, to be private: however, your location, we do. We will treat your precise physical location and exact Internet Protocol address as private information, just like your Google Account and social media information. Your approximate location, such as which country, state, or province you are in, or major geographical area (eg: "somewhere in Manhattan, NY, NY" or "eastern Iowa") may be made publicly available in aggregated information. We will not tell other players of the game where you are located.

We may use any of this information for our own purposes. See, eg, User Analytics.

Human Language

When we provide services in different languages, we may gather information about which one you prefer to use. This information may be taken from the software you use to access the game (for example: we may see that you are using a Spanish-language web browser), from your settings in your Google Account or social media accounts, or from asking you.

If your language is a widely-spoken one, like English or Spanish, we may share that information publicly, and even link that fact publicly to your game characters. We will not do the same with minority languages that are not spoken by many people, however, because that (combined with general location information) might be used to identify someone in the real world.

Contact us

If you have concerns about your privacy, please contact an operator or send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to address it.


We are dedicated to being open with our players (and volunteers) about our practices. See Category:Transparency for information about how we operate.

See also Violet Volts and Cadre for the team responsible for upholding this policy.