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Violet Volts is the codename of the “bringing back Tootsville” project.

We are in the process of re-organizing into a nonprofit organization, which should be completed in January, 2018.

(It's also an anagram for Tootsville V)

This page is where the Cadre will keep “Help Wanted” listings for ways you can help give back to the community.

Contact an operator if you want more info. See also our Category:Transparency for reports on our public trust.

We need help! Here are things you can do:

Almost Anyone[edit]

Legacy Players[edit]

  • Did you ever play in Res Interactive's Tootsville? Check out this Wiki-Wiki and help fill in missing sections, or post comments on the “Talk” tab if something isn't quite the way you'd like it.
  • Want to dig through the legacy players' blogs, Facebook comments, and so forth? Maybe there was a good idea back then, that we want to bring back.

Artists, Musicians, …[edit]

Builders (Programmers)[edit]